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Yoda Yoga Infused Workout

Yoda Yoga Infused Workout

May the 4th be with you!!!

Our Yoda Yoga Infused Workout is prepared to train your mental

strength and give you Jedi Master Skills.


First you will be warming up for battle by slow body weight movements.

Round 1: 10 x of each (Darth Vader Breathing Stretches)

- Hands interlaced on Belly, deep belly breaths for 5 seconds in, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds out.

- Flexible Cat Cow Pose

- Dangerous Downward Dog walks

- Enemy Glute Bridge Lifts

- Strong Core V-Sit lifts

Round 2: 10 x each (Storm Trooper Battle Ready Moves)

- Squats

- Standing leg raises

- Push-ups

- Forward lunges- alternating

- Mountain Climbers

Round 3: 10 x each (Jedi Strength Training)

—Go Heavy or Go Home—

- Chest Press

- Barbell Squats

- Bent- Over Dumbbell Rows

- Walking Lunges

- Running Curls

Don’t forget to Stretch and



No Star Wars themed Workout is complete without a Star Wars Playlist!

1 hour & 11 minutes of SW themes to get you motivated to defeat the Galactic Empire

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