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Our Favorite holiday Red Lip! 💋

Our Favorite holiday Red Lip! 💋

It's the TIME OF THE YEAR that a red lip is a must!!!! But the holidays are not the only reason to rock the red, just another perfect excuse.

Here are our top 5 Picks & Tricks for the Perfect Red Lip:

ILIA -Tango : true/deep red

This was recommended as the most moisturizing red lip color. With a little more of a bright red/ orange undertone you are guaranteed to get noticed with this red lip. So many reviews on little to no smudging making it easier to use without a lip liner but would definitely pair it with a lip liner for longer lasting wear.


MAC: Ruby WOO Lipstick Matte

This Deep Red is so sexy, especially when paired with MAC CLEAR LIPgloss shine! Matte or Glossed the red needs to be a staple in your lip collection. This was listed as such a fan favorite and basically used as a fun way to spice up any occasion or outfit.


Maybelline: SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick- Pioneer

This is our budget friendly red and it is to die for! Not only are we already obsessed with Maybelline lip Ink period, but also because its color is great and has a super hydrating, smooth texture. It is an easy pick for a lighter red shade that is inexpensive, and also still great quality.


Kylie Cosmetics: Matte Lip Kit - BOSS

Boss describes this Kylie combo perfectly! You will look Iike you have your entire life together with this beautiful red. Not to mention her lip colors come with a lip liner that makes your life easier. This color would be on the brighter side of reds and can go perfectly with anything you put on.


Nars: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Scarlet Red

The Nars velvet lip pencil is the perfect shade for any skin tone. You can use this as just a lip liner and also as a full lip.

More of a deep, rich red tone that is able to dress up anything from day to night. The most beautiful Holiday Red to Make your Christmas stunning and get everyone's heads to turn!

Tip & Tricks:

To make the most out of the red lip, these are some recommendations via professionals for the longest lasting & best care for that red.

  • Liner: Lining the lips is a must to prevent smudging...while the reds do not have to be exact, make sure to pick a color close to the red you choose. Take your time lining the lip and take the liner all over the lip prior to lipstick to give the perfect blend.

  • Translucent Powder: To really set your red lip...blot off as much excess color as you can and set with a translucent powder. This will help to avoid smudging and give you an all day wear.

  • Shadow: Add shadow for an altered color. You can change up the color of your red by adding a shadow on top. And you make your current color a little different and new by adding different shadow shades on top.

Have so much fun puckering up those beautiful lips for the holidays with all of these colors. And lets normalize a red lip for the gym too! Please share your favorites with us in the comments!!!



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