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Vacation Workout

Vacation Workout

Memorial Day weekend is often seen as the unofficial beginning of the summer. With summer comes the summer vacations! One downside of vacations is that you don't always have the right space or equipment meet your workout goals.

We created a workout that needs nothing more than a heavy object, even if that heavy object isn't an official weight. Follow this routine for a quick, well-rounded workout when you are out of town living your best life!


Warm Up

  • High knees 3x12

  • Jumping Jacks 3x30

  • Squat with arm reach 3x12

The Workout


For a cool down, gentle movements such as again jogging on a treadmill, a light jog in place or the stair climber is effective. Then, follow this with static stretching.

Static stretching is when the stretch is held in a challenging but comfortable position between 10 to 30 seconds. This improves flexibility and range of motion.

These include things such as a kneeling hip flexor, hamstring stretch, butterfly stretch, squat stretch, quad stretch, bicep stretch, tricep stretch, side neck bend, calf stretch, chest stretch, etc.

Now get out there and enjoy your vacation!


**As with all exercise and meal plan programs it is important to consult your Physician before taking action. Rachael-Fitness provides information only and is not responsible for any injury or mishap resulting during these meal plan suggestions and exercises.

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