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Successful Choices at Family Events

Successful Choices at Family Events

Easter Sunday is days are the unhealthy foods, desserts, and endless amounts of eggs stuffed with goodies. Now, there is a healthy amount of unhealthy, and we shouldn't be stressing over a few extra calories, but it is easy to get carried away with so many delicious treats hanging around. With this in mind, here are a few tricks to help stick to your goals and treat yourself healthily.


Bring A Snack

If you know that your family gatherings are prone to many unhealthy options and few healthy ones, bring your own dish! Something as simple as hummus with vegetables can be a great go-to for easy snacking prior to a big meal.

Get Outside

Easter is the perfect holiday to get moving outside with the kids, young or old. Hunt down some eggs with the little ones or start a family-friendly football game or a simple walk through the neighborhood as a family. Great for bonding and for wellness!

Limit Alcohol

Having a cocktail at a family gathering is not a crime and you shouldn't punish yourself over it. As an adult, you can make your own choices, but it might be wise to keep the cocktails to a minimum. Alcohol inhibits our reasoning and may lead to throwing caution to the wind.

Drink Water

Instead of that second or third cocktail, have a large glass of water! Water is not only important for staying hydrated, it also reminds us that we may already be full and don't need any other goodies to be satisfied.

Be Thankful

Change your mindset! Instead of beating yourself up for indulging in your favorite treat, simply be grateful for having it. Tearing yourself down and counting every single calorie is a great way to develop a bad relationship with food and with yourself. Take a moment before you eat your treat to be grateful for the treat and grateful to yourself.

Leave Empty Handed

Besides the goodies that the kids received from the Easter Bunny and family, leave everything else behind. Don't bring leftovers or sweets home to torture or pressure you into indulgences you don't even want. It's ok to tell Mom "No leftovers for me, thank you!"


Be Kind to Yourself!

Remember, this is a time for celebrating and getting together with loved ones, not a time to be beating yourself up with guilt! Keep your goals in the back of your mind but also remind yourself that you are human it is okay to treat yourself in moderation.

Have a Very Happy Easter, Everyone!

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