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Maintaining a Healthy Sex Drive

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Drive

'Staying active' is more complicated than just a sudden rush a feelings and chemicals. Several factors, such as stress, mental health, aging, and the success, or lack-thereof, in our relationship. While changes in sex drive are normal, here are some simple solutions to increasing your libido.


Exercise Regularly

Exercise is shown to increase our body image and our confidence. It also lends to sexual function for both genders. And ladies, exercise and physical activity help strengthen the pelvic floor, boosting sexual pleasure and endurance when it's time to get down.

Get Some Rest

The amount of sleep we get effects everything, from our mental capacity to stress levels, and even our sex drive. Make sure that you have a consistent sleep schedule, prime sleeping conditions, and limit your caffeine intake past the afternoon.

See Your Therapist

Struggles in your mental health, such as depression, anxiety, stress in your person life, and much more can cause your libido to decrease. Make an appointment to talk things out with a trained professional. Having someone to listen can sometimes make a big difference.

Get a Checkup

Local spots, such as Victory Men's Health and alike, specialize in testing men and women's hormone levels, among several other health services. Utilize these places, or even your physician to find out if you can add supplements into your daily routine to help boost your sexual drive.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Utilizing a healthy diet can not only affect your weight, but it can help improve your blood flow and reduce risk for major health conditions. All of these being positively affected can help positively affect how you preform and feel in the bedroom.

Talk To Your Partner

Communicate any concerns or changes in your sex drive with your partner. They may think the changes are their 'fault', even when it has nothing to do with them. Be open and honest, as trust is key to intimacy, especially when it comes to sex. work through the issues as a team.

Limit Your Alcohol

Alcohol not only contributes to reduced satisfaction and suppresses your sex drive, but the long-term effects of alcohol use can lead to major health issues that further reduce your libido. Cut back to avoid sad endings in the bedroom.

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