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Last Minute Tips for Preparing for Swimsuit Season

Last Minute Tips for Preparing for Swimsuit Season

As we all know, there is no quick-fix activity, product, or diet you can use to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit for upcoming vacations and summertime. If there was you wouldn't need us! With the sun shining bright (in-between these rain showers,) we will be looking at temperatures in the high 80's before we know it.

There are, however, a few things you can do now, before those temperatures take over, to get ready for summer shorts, dresses, and the dreaded swimsuits. That being said, these are not going to give you six-pack abs by May and THAT IS OKAY.




Not Get on the Scale

Obsessing over a number on the scale will do absolutely nothing positive for your body or your mind. Instead, try making a list of the things you do love about your body. From the stretch marks that were caused from your babies, to the scars that tell stories.

Embrace Self Care

Get a pedicure, at-home facial, get a new book to keep your mind active by the pool, or find a new motivating podcast. It's amazing how your mindset can change when you spend a little time taking care of your body and your mind.

Choose Anti-Inflammatory Foods

These foods will help reduce bloating. Some great choices includes almonds, avocados, blueberries, carrots, green tea, and salmon.

Drink Water

Don't fear the water weight, drinking water is very important to keeping your metabolism moving and also helps with fat loss. Adding a little bit of lemon to your morning water can help get things moving, as well.

Take These Supplements

We chose our top three favorite supplements that can led a hand in slimming down and feeling your best:

  1. Omega 3's/Fish Oil

  2. Magnesium

  3. Amino-acids



Stop Eating

You may think that reducing your eating habits will lead to a slim waist, but the opposite is actually true. It slows down your metabolism and while you may lose weight you'll actually hold onto your fat.

Talk to Yourself Negatively

Having a negative mindset can only lead to a destructive self image. Your body does so much for you on a daily basis, even if it doesn't look the way you think it should. Remind yourself that not only is a poor attitude not going to change anything, but it may also decrease your motivation and become a self full-filling prophecy.

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