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Things Your Dad Actually Wants for Father's Day

Things Your Dad Actually Wants for Father's Day

Have you struggled in the past to think of a quality gift to get your dad? Or maybe you rely on the tried-and-true classics like mugs, ties. or gift cards. I can promise your dad probably doesn't mind what he gets, and would just like quality time being spent with the ones he loves.

While the dads generally don't care, we were curious so we asked a few dads to give us their honest opinion/suggestions for gifts they would like to receive. Some of these suggestions, while rooted in St. Louis past-times and activities, most can be found and adjusted for major cities.


Things Your Dad Actually Wants for Father's Day:

A Round of Golf

While golfing isn't every dad's thing, a lot of them would really appreciate receiving a tee-time as a gift. Not only are you giving him the chance to be competitive with his buddies and catch some fresh air, you're giving him a much deserved break from the kids, job, or any other stresses.

Brewmaster Tour at Anheuser Busch

If you have a dad that's big on AB beer, St. Louis history, or beer in general this is a fantastic gift. He will get see the entire process of beer brewing, as well as a tour of the impressive AB campus. Bonus points if you go close to Christmas to check out their holiday light show.

Mower Maintenance

Did you know you can have a mow serviced? This might be just what your dad needs. You can have the blades sharpened, the oil changed, and other other neglected parts replaced and ready to get back to work.

Blackstone Pizza Oven

If your dad loves to cook, loves pizza, or both this is the gift for him. This Pizza Oven sits inside the grill to get up to temperature, then bakes delicious personal pizzas. Not only is it a great buy, but its a great way to spend time together, as well.


If you know a dad that is a complete movie or tv buff, this is for him. As we roll into the summertime, he can set up him projector on the garage and be the talk of town. Another great gift for getting others gathered in one place to spend some quality time together.

Concert Tickets

Live music is back, as are the artists your dad loves. Take him and the family to the concert of one of his favorite artists. It a great chance to better understand him and you will likely hear some stories about the time in his life that the band reminds him of. Plus, live music, win win!

Take Him to the Track

If you have a dad that is a car enthusiast you have to take him to an event at the World Wide Technology Raceway. There are several different kinds of events going on so no matter what kind of car enthusiast he is, he is sure to have a great time, and so are you.

What ever you end up getting for dad, just remember: all he really wants is to spend time with you. Make sure to give him what he wants this year and every year!

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